Elevate: A virtual conference on equity

April 18-20, 2018

  • $50 General
  • $40 Group Discount
  • $85 Virtual AMI Credit (Alliance Students)
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70th Anniversary Gala

Saturday, June 2, 2018

6-9 p.m. Central

$100 Campus Director

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Stay Informed

Elevate is V-AMI 2018!

We hope you are all planning to attend Elevate and will share the virtual conference broadly with colleagues on your campus and in your community.

Elevate can count as AMI credit for:

–CNP Workforce Track learners
–Graduate students (with campus director permission)
–Undergraduate students graduating soon and were not able to attend AMI 2018 Kansas City (with campus director permission)

In order for CNP students to receive AMI credit, they must participate in a certain number of activities, including workshops, group chats, and reflection activities. They must also pay the AMI credit fee of $85, which is not eligible for the group discount.

Any student is welcome to participate as a general attendee to enhance their cultural competency. In fact, feel free to encourage the opportunity as a part of your curriculum map for this year! As general attendees, students can also take advantage of the group discount. We will not be promoting

Elevate heavily to traditional undergraduate students, but will include in the Student Insider and encourage them to attend as general attendees as a way to supplement their cultural competency. All attendees will be eligible to earn an e-Certificate in Equity and Inclusion that may be easily uploaded to LinkedIn and other digital platforms.