Campus Program Excellence Award

Table of Content

  1. Overview
  2. Selection Process
  3. Timeline and Important Dates
  4. Award Guidelines
  5. Submit Online Application
  6. Video Production Guide
  7. Presentation Guide

Award Overview

Each year, the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance awards the Campus Program Excellence Award to the campus partner that evidences the best practices in nonprofit career preparation and growth. To be eligible for the award, campus partners must earn at least four stars in the Campus Star Program. Star can be obtained for each of the following:

  1. Increase in number of students recruited (increase the number of students recruited from the previous academic year’s number, with a minimum of ten students recruited or recruit 50+ students during  the award year)
  2. Increase in number of students credentialed (increase the number of CNP credentials awarded from the previous academic year, with a minimum of five students credentialed or award 25+ CNP credentials during the award year)
  3. Submit annual report by June 30, 2017
  4. Pay affiliation fee by August 30, 2017

All campus partners achieving four starts are invited to apply for the award. Please note: Previous award recipients must wait three (3) years before reapplying.

Award Selection Process

A National Award Selection Committee composed of Alliance partners including faculty, CNPs, workforce partners, board members, and sponsors will determine the award recipient. The applications will be evaluated based on the criteria provided below. The award winner will be notified confidentially before AMI and awarded during the closing ceremony at AMI 2018 in Kansas City, Mo.

Award applications should be submitted electronically in PDF format unless otherwise noted. Award application must be submitted online by Wednesday, October 25, 2017, to be eligible for consideration. Award applications will be reviewed as submitted. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Award Selection Timeline and Important Dates

September 29, 2017
Email regarding intent to apply.

October 25, 2017
Award materials due to the Alliance office

November 1-3, 2017
Schedule online campus presentations

November 15, 2017
Campuses notified of award results

January 3-5, 2017
Winning campus publicly announced at AMI 2018

Campus Program Excellence Award Guidelines

The application should be prepared and presented by both the campus director and student association leaders and reflect activities during the 2016-17 academic year.

Application Evaluation Criteria:

  • Evidence of student recruitment strategies such as recruitment presentations, interest meetings, retreats, networking events, career fairs, and student organization fairs
  • Evidence of hands-on learning activities focused on nonprofit career skills and knowledge including innovative internships, service-learning projects, and other events for career development and service opportunities
  • Evidence of strong group interaction among students including Alliance student association activities, retreats, and other networking events
  • Evidence of strong relationships between the campus Alliance program and the local nonprofit community, emphasizing partnerships with local affiliates of the Alliance’s Nonprofit Workforce Partners

Online Award Applications must include the following:

>>>Submit Online Application Here<<<

  1. Application statement: A formal letter of application (500 words or less) briefly highlighting how the applicant program meets the criteria above. The letter should identify the primary point of contact for the award process and provide phone number and email for the contact.
  2. Recommendation Letters: A minimum of two formal letters of recommendation. One letter should be from campus administration, including deans, chairs, provosts, presidents/chancellors, or other campus leaders. A second letter should be from a nonprofit community partner.  Letters must articulate how the Alliance program benefits the campus and community.
  3. Video: A video (2 minutes or less) promoting the achievements and leadership activities of the previous year. All finalist videos will be shown during a plenary session at AMI 2018. Please see the Video Production Guide for further guidelines
  4. Presentation: Applicants will formally present their case to the National Award Selection Committee via GoToMeeting (no more than 10 minutes). As part of the application process, each campus must submit a PowerPoint presentation that presents evidence and data to respond to each of the criteria of the Campus Program Excellence Award with an emphasis on the Alliance Student Association and other student initiatives. Please see the Presentation Guide below.

Applications and videos will be reviewed by the National Award Selection Committee. Finalists will present to the committee on a scheduled date during the week of November 1-3, 2017.

Video Production Guide

The purpose of the video is to promote the vibrancy, impact and passion of your Alliance campus program. This is your chance to highlight your innovations and achievements to other campus partners and students from across the country. The Alliance student association is expected to lead the effort to design and produce the video.

Video length: No longer than 2 minutes.

Accepted Formats: Applicants submit a high-definition resolution version suitable for YouTube upload with a size limit of one gigabyte and recommended resolution of 1280 x 720 (16×9 HD) or 640 x 480 (4:3 SD).

Alliance staff will upload/share all videos to the Alliance YouTube channel. By submitting the video to the Alliance, all individuals and institutions in the video agree to allow their image and/or content to be used by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance for promotional purposes. Campus YouTube video URL should be copied to online application and submitted with the other application materials.

Recommended Content: Alliance student projects and achievements from the 2016-2017 academic year.
See videos from past years on our Alliance YouTube channel:

Production Best Practices:

Images vs. Text
Applicants are discouraged from using large quantities of text in the video. Instead, use pictures, videos and testimonials to convey your message.

Text Size
Please keep in mind that in addition to being featured online, this video may be shown in a ballroom with as many as 1,000 people in attendance. A good guideline is the 6×6 rule, a maximum six words across and six lines total on the screen at any given time.

Live Action Video
Although you are not required to include actual video footage within the video presentation (as opposed to a picture show), video footage will help you convey the energy of your campus program and create more excitement.

Videos should include clear, understandable audio (speech, music, etc.). Remember, this video may be played in a large venue where background noise captured in a video can make it difficult for viewers to understand the content trying to be conveyed by the video producers.

Submission Deadline: YouTube video must be received as part of the application by  Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

Presentation Guide

The formal student presentation to the National Award Selection Committee is the final step for submission to the Campus Program Excellence Award. The presentation will take place through The presentation should include a PowerPoint presentation developed and presented by student association leaders with the help of the campus director.

The main purpose of this presentation is to speak directly to the criteria of the award to the National Award Selection Committee. While all criteria should be addressed in the presentation, students are encouraged to emphasize programmatic areas such as service-learning projects, leadership opportunities, and support for personal and professional growth.

The presentation should be limited to two to three students. The campus director must be present during the presentation and may respond to questions at the end of the presentation.

Maximum Time Limit: No more than 15 minutes total. This includes a 10-minute presentation with up to 5 minutes of discussion with the National Award Selection Committee.

Audience: National Award Selection Committee only. Unlike the application video, this presentation will NOT be shared publicly.  Information learned during the presentation, however, may be used in publicly presenting the award.

Recommended Content: Focus the content of the presentation on your program’s achievement of the award criteria as outlined above, with an emphasis on student initiatives and projects.

Technical Logistics:  The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance will load the PowerPoint presentation into the online meeting software and control the advancement of slides on verbal cue from the students presenting.  All content should be included in the presentation slides. No handout materials, digital or physical, can be used.

Presentation Best Practices:

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to incorporate visuals including but not limited to: pictures, quotes, project work samples, etc. in their presentations.Slides should be used to enhance the presentation, not transcribe it.
  • Slides should be used to enhance the presentation, not transcribe it. The video should not be incorporated into the PowerPoint presentation.
  • The video should not be incorporated into the PowerPoint presentation.

Presentation Deadlines: The PowerPoint presentation is due with the application materials by Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

The online presentations to the National Award Selection Committee will be scheduled during the week of November 1-3, 2017 based on the availability of the award committee and participants.

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