AMI Student Ribbons

Alliance Management Institute (AMI) ribbons are a fantastic way for students and CNPs to get recognized and standout in the crowd. Scroll down for more information about each ribbon, as well as instructions for ensuring your students and CNPs receive the appropriate ribbon(s) at AMI. Click on the ribbons below for information about each one.


For students credentialing at AMI 2018 and CNP alumni.

To approve this ribbon and CNP credential:

Option 1: Have Katie Riordan help you with the approval process

  1. Contact Katie Riordan to schedule a call.
  2. Before the call, please email Katie your student list who will receive their CNP at AMI 2018 (must be received by January 3, 2018).
  3. On the call, Katie will walk you through the approval process.

Option 2: Review and approve student CNPs on your own

  1. Log in to Salesforce and review “My Approvals” report.
  2. Update the approval status of each students’ accomplishments.
  3. All student fees must be paid before CNPs are approved.

Students who complete their profile for review by December 15 will be entered to win a credential scholarship!

All approved students will receive their CNP packet at AMI 2018. An Alliance staff will deliver the CNP packets to you during the Professional Development workshop for you to sign and present to your students at AMI. Please note that if CNPs are approved prior to AMI 2018, students will receive a CNP ribbon in their registration packet. If CNPs are approved during AMI 2018, we cannot guarantee students will receive a CNP ribbon. Please contact Katie Riordan for any questions.

CNP Designate

For students completing the CNP credential after AMI 2018 and before August 2018.

To approve this ribbon:

  1. Students must meet the minimum requirements to receive the CNP Designate ribbon.
    1. A minimum of five approved competencies
    2. A graduation date of August 2018 or earlier
    3. A minimum of one approved AMI attendance (or registration for AMI 2018)
  2. If students meet the minimum requirements, update the students’ CNP status from “CNP Seeking” to “CNP Designate” and click “save.”
  3. If profiles are updated prior to AMI, ribbons will be included in students AMI registration packets.
  4. Those who complete their profile for review by December 15 will be entered to win a credential scholarship!

Student Association Officer

For students holding an officer position in their Alliance Student Association for the 2017-2018 school year. Student Officers will be invited to attend the Student Association Officers Summit on January 3, 2018 from 12:30-2:30 p.m. at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown.

To approve this ribbon and summit invitation:

  1. Submit a list of student officers to Andrew Juarez with their leadership roles (including start and end dates) by December 8.
  2. Ribbons will be included in student AMI registration packets.

Career Development Award Leader

For students and CNPs who have received the Career Development Award (formerly NextGen).

This ribbon does not have an approval process, as we already have record of this accomplishment.

For questions or concerns, email Katie Riordan, Academic Services Executive, or call (816) 463-9476.