AMI Workshops

The workshop sessions at the Alliance Management Institute (AMI) are designed to enhance attendees’ understanding of the Alliance competencies while giving them examples from the field. The workshops are given by a single presenter, co-presenters or a panel in an interactive format.  Attendees may choose workshops from a variety of topics which are rooted in the Alliance competencies as well as the AMI theme. Workshops for AMI 2019 will take place January 2-3.

Call for Proposals

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is now accepting proposals to present a workshop at AMI 2019 Orlando.  Each workshop is 50 minutes and should plan for 30-75 participants. Workshop participants have completed significant coursework in areas specific to nonprofit management, so the presentations should be presented beyond basic knowledge of nonprofit work. 


Quickfires are fast-paced mini-presentations on topics related to career readiness (job search strategies, building networks, LinkedIn profiles, career mapping, leadership development, etc.). 

Quickfires will take place January 2-3, 2019.