Student Recruitment Tools

The Alliance is excited to offer high-quality student recruitment materials to assist with the success and outreach of your CNP program.

The purpose of the marketing materials is to highlight the impact of the CNP credential and to draw attention to your CNP program. Flyers in bold can include your campus logo, contact information, and rockstar alumni.* Also, a PowerPoint and script and Alliance logos are included to assist you and your students when presenting to prospective students and nonprofit workforce partners – both PowerPoint and script can be customized to fit your CNP program requirements (documents are editable).

Please contact Ethan Touch to request personalized flyers.

Marketing flyers and PowerPoint presentation 

Alliance logos and brand standards

Best Practices

Flyers that can be personalized

Nonprofit Recruitment

Presentation tools

Student flyers

Campus Director Marketing Training – Video

Student Recruitment Ideas 

  • Encourage your students to visit clubs, fraternities/sororities, and classes in every major across campus to give a presentation or share information on new opportunities that goes along with what they are passionate about.
    • What other fields or schools might hold positions within the nonprofit sector? Pre-med: Doctors without borders, accounting, social work, art history, biology- nonprofit minor, sociology, environmental studies, etc.
    • Community services or other social service clubs that might have crossover requirements or work towards the same mission: Alpha Phi Omega (service fraternity), clubs focusing on community service, health/counseling, music/dance/creative arts, ethnic/cultural, political/social awareness, religious/philosophical focused, etc.
  • Invite CNP alumni to be a guest speakers at your school events or classrooms
  • Ask students to share CNP flyers with their peers
  • Set up tables at student-related events with Alliance marketing materials
  • Additional recruiting ideas from the Society for Human Resource Management

If you have any successful recruitment ideas, please submit your ideas to Andrew Juarez. We would love to share your success stories with other campuses through our monthly e-newsletters. Remember, your success is our success! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you!